Introduction Edit

The Lost Blood
GTAForums Thread
Title: The Lost Blood
Starter: Dhiman
Date: Jan 2, 2014
Type: Action / Roleplay

The Lost Blood is a series of storylines placed and circulating in the large districts of San Andreas. All the following stories are set in the year of 2000 and more, having same situation of cities, business and local gangs. And the crux indicates that the original Storyline of game do not interfere in these fan based stories made by me. so please play them all by forgetting original characters of game. Right now, there are 3 stories planned to be made, Kendrick Garrison stories, The Black Sabre and The Chronicle of Terry Baxtor.

About Edit

In the year 2014, Dhiman first wanted to make a remake of his unknown storyline, Kendrick garrison stories. he made only 4 missions, but they're somehow not compatible with latest version of DYOM, so he left them and made a remake, a good one. During the same, after loss of motivation, he made a new storyline, Chronicle of Terry Baxtor, he also made a few missions, but then in end of the year he decided to merge these storylines together, with a new one known as The Black Sabre. now he first created the topic on 2nd jan, 2015 and now first continuing this one. The chronicle of Terry Baxtor and Kendrick Garrison stories is on hold.

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