The Most Wanted



Around 1995




Ryo Korahto


Pablo Jackson

Clarence Robinson

Gabriel Wayne

David O'Shea

Alan Hawkinson

Bobby Jackson

Antonio Corleone (possibly)

Christian Sampson (possibly)

Dexter Cannes (possibly)

Johnny (former)


Korahto Kong Boys


The Jackson Mafia


Eric Wright

Shane Wright

Aaron Maylay



Drug dealing/manufacturing, Gun-running, murders.


All Killed but one kill himself.






The Most Wanted are a group of terrorist from Gangster 4 Life created by TheXProyect.



The Most Wanted is a Big Terrorist Group and the most  dangerous of all time, they wouldn't stop until Los Santos were in their hands. His faction was composed of members of different gangs, and that made ​​them strong.


Ryo Korahto: Leader of the same faction and of the Korahto Kong Boys. He betrayed Eric and Shane during the prision escape, Ryo along with Pablo kill Eric after show Shane and Eric that Ryo was a traitor the whole time. He kill himself in the last mission realizing that he lost everything.

Pablo Jackson: High Rank Member of The Most Wanted. The currently mob boss of The Jackson Mafia. He was killed during by Shane during the last mission.

Clarence Robinson: Leader of the Ballas. He was killed by Aaron during a car chase.

Gabriel Wayne: He was a High Rank Member of the Ganton Street Families, later he joins the ballas only for money and power. He was killed by Eric with the help of Johnny.

David O'Shea: He was the gun dealer of Ganton Street Families, he was with Ryo the whole time and betrayed Eric and his others homies. He was supposedly died in a car chase by Shane and Agent Hammond, but he survived. In the last mission he was totally killed by Shane.

Alan Hawkinson: He is a friend of Gabriel Wayne, Johnny tells to Shane that Alan was a traitor too. Alan was left behind due to his old age by Ryo and the others, then he was killed by Shane.

Johnny Rodriguez: Friend of Ryo. He betrayed Eric putting him into jail. But later Johnny change his heart revealing that he is a FBI Agent and helps Shane to kill the other members of the faction.

Antonio Corleone: He is the head of the Corleone mafia one of the most dangerous mafia in Las Venturas. He was killed during the prision escape along with Christian and Dexter by security guards.

Christian Simpson: He is the owner of Las Venturas Ammunation. He was killed during the prision escape along with Antonio and Dexter by security guards.

Dexter Cannes: He is an expert enginner, his studies were at the University of San Fierro Brockwood. He was killed during the prision escape along with Antonio and Christian by security guards.

Minor members: Was composed of members of different gangs, like Korahto Kong Boys, The Jackson Mafia, Ballas and David's men.

Murders CommitedEdit

  • Lots of GSF members - by Ballas.
  • Antonio, Christian and Dexter - Left behind and killed by security guards.
  • Eric Wright - by Ryo and Pablo.
  • Alan Hawkinson - Left behind and killed by Shane.
  • Lots of cops - Killed by minor members.
  • Agent Hammond - Killed by David.
  • Sgt.Calvin - He can be killed by David or minor members.
  • Ryo Korahto - After losing his fellow members he kill himself - by himself.

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