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The Only Living Soul
Mission pack
Creator: Alan Eastwood
Type: Mission Pack
Genre: Survival Horror
Status: Work in Progress
Number of Chapters: 2
Year: 2013
Protagonist(s): Carl

The Only Living Soul is a Horror Mission-Pack created by Alan Eastwood  you follow the story of a police officer of Los Santos named Carl.


Year 2013. The whole world thought it was impossible for a zombie apocalypse to happen, no one was prepared for that. San Andreas is nothing but death and pain, people are now fighting for their survival, the world that people knew, is gone, part of the bloodthirsty dead and all this because of the Pharmaceutical Company called Hope, who secretly experimenting with biological weapons that has caused big catastrophe of San Andreas, many souls remain in the oblivion, and you're the only living soul who could rescue us from this slaughter.


Chapter 1: Awakening

  • Intro - You woke up in a bathroom, locked up without knowing anything, you leave the bathroom and you call your friend Andy to find out everything what is happening.
  • Like a Desert - After leaving home, you keep trying to contact your friend Andy, but you realize that something is wrong so you decide to go to Andy's house and trying to find some answers.
  • Andy's House - Carl along with a new survivor they heading to Andy's House, but... some things are in their way.
  • Overrun - Carl finally meet with a normal survivor and tried to survive the herd.
  • This is how we fall - Carl is captured by Hope agents a company dedicated to creating biological weapons.
  • No Hope - Carl tries to find his lost friend Robert, but he also must find his survival.
  • The Marauders Part 1 - Carl and Thomas had to land on a forest after having collided with the plane and they will find things that will make them lose faith in humanity.

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