This mission pack is still in-progress.
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The Promise
Mission pack
Creator: Nitesh aka AAAAAAA
Type: Mission Pack
Genre: Love, mystery, revenge, betrayal
Status: In progress
Number of Chapters: 2 so far
Protagonist(s): Ian Turner


Helena, the wife of Anthony is found dead after she jumps from a raised ground. The people close to her are shocked to find that she is dead.

Ian Turner, a police officer who is just thinking about leaving the job, gets the call about the suicide and is tied up with Micheal to investigate. However, he says that he is going to talk to the chief.

Find out the mystery behind Helena's suicide as you follow the mind boggling story by playing the mission pack.

The PromisesEdit

Helena PattersonEdit

I promised to be faithful to you. I tried my best, but it was just because of helplessness that I had to do what I did. But you, you get a wrong idea and start suspecting me. I can't live with your suspicion.

Anthony PattersonEdit

I wanted to give you a surprise that I thought would have made you happier. Instead it was you who gave me a bigger surprise that broke my heart. Just one promise you couldn't keep. I am going to make the one responsible pay, make him suffer before he is punished by the law.

Ian TurnerEdit

I only joined the Police Department because of you three years ago. Then you betray me. When I am about to give up and forget you, you come back in my life. This time, as a nightmare. Whoever is responsible for this will surely be behind bars.

Micheal ClarkEdit

The only thing I care about is law. I gave you the evidence to prove that you are guilty. If you are innocent, you have to prove it. That's all it's about.

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