The San Andreas Biker Gang
Mission pack
Creator: SurfingGamer87
Type: Mission Pack
Genre: Biker, Action
Status: Work In Progress
Number of Chapters: 5
Protagonist(s): Mike Harper

"The San Andreas Biker Gang" is a mission pack made by SufingGamer87.


Mike Harper is the vice president of the San Andreas Biker Gang. He is trying to save the gang from ripping itself apart because of betreyal, almost geting bankrupt, and Death of many bikers due to a setup made by Danny Thompson and The Army. Now they are starting a New Chapter. Will the gang revive itself? Or will the gang Slowly fade away?


The setting will be San Fierro and Bone Country while some missions will also be around San Andreas.


You play as Mike Harper. A guy who takes out The Army and SFPD members without hesitation. In chapter 1, He is the vice president of  SA biker gang. In the following chapters he is the president of SA Biker Gang.


1. Introduction

2. The Deal

3. Assault on Area 69

4. Redemption

5. SFPD Showdown

6. Two Enemies

7. The Chase

8. One last request

9. Captured

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