The Wanted Reload
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Creator: Target13
Genre: Military/Warefare
Protagonist(s): Jason Freeman
The Wanted Reload is a remake mission based on GTA!!!'s The Wanted.

Original The WantedEdit

The Wanted was originaly created by DYOM user GTA!!!. The mission was created to Participate in the third DYOM Contest. The mission won the contest & got many likers, However it also recieved many negative reviews. Many players stated that the Ending spoiled the rest of the mission.

Remake by Target13

On July 23 2013, Target13 remade the mission in order to Participate in Chips237's MOTW 9 Contest. The theme was warefare. Target13 officialy announced the mission on 22 July 2013 & completed it on 23 July. The mission is heavily based on The Wanted but also has its differences.


Sergant Mills orders Jason Freeman & his team mates to eliminate most wanted Terrorist Andrew Jackson for Promoting Terrorism & Drug Trafficing. Jason & his team head to the Los Santos Police Department in order to recieve more details from Captain/Chief Rodey. They are sent to Andrew's Mansion in Mullholland where they take out the Gate Guards with the help of the SWAT. then they are sent alone to take out more guards outside. Andrew escapes & enters the mansion. Jason & his team also enter & make their way downstairs. They take out more guards, Then one of the team mates, Harry, gets injurd in the leg. Willaims decides to stay with Harry & sends Jason to continue alone. Jason clears the mansion & spots Andrew escaping on his bike. Jason follows him to Verona Beach where Harry & Williams already reached. They take out more guards & a Chopper. Jason tells his team to stay behind so that he can finish this alone. Jason takes out more guards & confronts Andrew himself. Andrew states that the Army only wanted Andrew for his latest invension, The 'Green Goo' . This liquid makes the consumer Ultimatly strong. Andrew also states that he has consumed it. He then attacks Jason with a flame thrower. however, Jason manages to take him down & complete his job.


The Mission giver, Sergant Mills. Is a refrence to Jimmy Leppard's Mission Pack, The Runaway. Sergant Mills is the main Antonagist & also has the same Actor Model.

Target13 used AznKei's The Wanted gameplay to remake the mission.

Sergant Mills states that the team will recieve more info from Captain Rodey in Los Santos, However it is revieled that Rodey is actually a Local Chief.

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