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Username: thegtaman531
aka: GTA Man


Nationality: australian
Forums: Aug 26, 2012
Website: Apr 29 '13
thegtaman531, later known as The Odyssey, is one of the  late 2012 Designers.

The Odyssey left DYOM on June 23, 2014 due to his mission packs lacking fame and support, and personal issues.

Introduction to DYOMEdit

Before DYOMEdit

thegtaman was some random GTA Forums user. He plays GTA SA the most & was active around it's forums. However he also played GTA IV. Later he started to become more actibe in the GTA IV forums & started to participate in their Guess The Mission & Chain Games.

Finding DYOMEdit

sometime around March or April 2013, thegtaman531 found DYOM. He roamed around the threads & started playing Chain Story, Shortly later, Andrej98 made MOTW. where thegtaman531 participated. He kept participating in MOTW & also made some missions in his free time. He also won MOTW5 & hosted MOTW6. but nobody participated.

Missions & Mission PacksEdit

thegtaman's first Mission Pack was Tijuana Lord, Which for some reason was cancelled early.

He then started another Mission pack called The Perished Snakes, It had a lot of Crashes so he decided to take a break & start another Mission Pack. The Submerged Ghost, the MP is going well & he has Target13 to make Commentary for it & TheXProyect wants to do a review.

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