Tommy Sandwich
Appearances: No Crossover Limit
Full Name: Tommy Sandwich
Also Known As: Tommy

Leader of the fatasses

Gender: Male
Status: Deceased
Nationality: American
Home: all of the fatty gang bases
Affiliations: Fatty Gang
Tommy Sandwich is the Antagonist of No Crossover limit, He's the leader of the fatty gang.


Tommy sandwich has always hiding from Stara and Jenkins while leading the fatty gang. He's been leading the gang for 5 months and only 5 months. He was first "seen" as a fake in Mansion or Trap?, his first normal appearance was only in the last mission, where he dies by getting shot down, and then again when he runs to a minigun, and then headshotted to death. His data before is not very known.

The fatty gang is a American gang who is fat with a non-fat leader and some other non-fat members. They are still 5 months, and they will only be. because they are going to get f*cked when they mess with Stara and Jenkins.

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