"TonyCJ went too far, too many times. He showed regret time after time, but was never able to change his attitude and behavior. That said, even if I felt like he deserved a second chance, by making himself known he left me no choice but to ban him."
-PatrickW about TonyCJ


Dec 4, 2010 - Mar 2 2011*

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Banned DYOM User
Username: TonyCJ
aka: TCJ


Nationality: Estonian
Allies: jetjatin (former)
Banned for: Spam
Forums: Dec 4, 2010
armatzur12 (First account)
Alternative Account

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Oct 12, 2010



TonyCJ was a DYOM mission designer until his dark days...


Before the Spamming Incident

Armatzur12 was a noob like all of us were. Joined GTAForums and started commenting on DYOM.

He made his very own first mission pack, a rip-off of LeonCJ's mission pack: S.A.S.F.A.S.O, after playing it. He then started apologizing for ripping off and started a new mission-pack.

Few days later, he was banned for rule breaking in GTAForums.

More days later, he made his second account: PHOENIX12. - The admins found out that he's a PBM and was banned too.

Some weeks or a month later, he appeared with TonyCJ account. Nobody knew about him, no suspicions were found on him.

Investigation Incident

A few months later, TonyCJ befriend with Jetjatin and they both started being teammates againts the haters.

They both spammed a little and they both started apologizing.

A few days later, some people started an investigation on Tony and Jet, they both got hacked. As from their PM messages, it was clearly noticed that they both were onto something bad. Somebody found out that TonyCJ is actually armatzur12. The hackers played with them a little until they got cought by PatrickW, and Tony was banned for being PBM.

Spamming Incident

After some days later, after TonyCJ banned. Chaos started.

Tony started making accounts, spamming the DYOM section full of crap and useless threads.

PatrickW deleted all of them and banned all of the accounts, but Tony wasn't giving up. Few days later, he came back, with more accounts. The DYOM forum was all full of crap.

Few weeks later, Tony was in no show, but he was. He was sneaky and made an account and started to act that he's new and all that.

But that didn't worked, he was cought and banned by the admins. And he tried and tried that method, but failed.


On April 22, 2011, TonyCJ made an account called Scream... He used this account to continue making missions and continue fooling people. On April 30, TonyCJ revealed himself by post an apology thread in gtaforums.[1] But, PatrickW didn't allow him to get a second chance, so he banned him again.

Another return

In 2011, after summer, TonyCJ made a little return. Started making a mission-pack, acting all new. But, everyone thought he was ilovegta and started reporting him to the admins. The admins said he's good, but few days later. He was banned. After that, spamming returned. Again, he spammed the whole DYOM: Missions with calling everyone in names and calling himself gay and in every censored words.


  1. TonyCJ apologizes as Scream...