Hello there, designers. This is my first blog and I will tell you small updates on this wiki.



I added tabs so now DYOM users can write about their personal lives (if they want to), relationships with other DYOM users and other stuff. To use tabs, just use this template. Also, if you don't want to write anything about your personal life, then replace real life article with this template.

Talk pages

I turned off the comments on this wiki, because the wiki needs Talk pages more than comments. The talk pages are usually for discussions about the article's contents. Be sure to discuss about locked articles what needs to be edit or deleted. To access talk pages, press "Talk" which is near "Edit"/"View Source" button. Don't forget to put your signature to know who wrote the message.

Message Wall

Now there's an easier way to contact admins and other users. Just go to User page and click on "Message Wall". Example: Just write a problem or a suggestion and the users will be notified.

Thank you for reading this.

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