DYOM Version 6 is a major version in the DYOM development history. This is the first version that has a major feature in it.


  • Storyline
    • Loading and Saving progress
    • Mission Passed Rewards
  • Removing Weapons
  • Talking on a phone
  • "Jump Forward" animation
  • Copying actors


Version 6 came as a surprise in December 31, 2010. Nor Dutchy or PatrickW announced its development. PatrickW posted a tutorial and a video how storyline works.

Development historyEdit


Changes (in comparison with version 5.0):

  • Major bug fixed. We think this caused a lot of unkown and non-reproducible crashes.
  • Colouring objective texts will be with a + instead of ~. That last sign caused lots of trouble. You can use a + with shift+2. Besides, we created a shortcut. If you type CTRL-r it will generate +r+.
  • When you edit a objective, you don't need to type your text again!!!!
  • You can write a storyline (Beta topic for more information)
  • Created a pauze menu to: abort, save progress and load progress during a storyline.
  • Copy your actor with CTRL+P (requested here).

Goal of the beta's was trying to fix as much bugs as we could. We did fix a lot of bugs, but if you find any more bugs, please report. After version 6 beta 2 we fixed some more bugs.

DYOM V6.1Edit

Bug fixes

  • Fixed "outro not starting" after a progress file was loaded
  • Parachutebug: activation of parachute script was hanging in DYOMintro texts.
  • untranslated colorcodes when editing existing objective text
  • Dead enemies who were objectives should be able to be hidden after being killed.
  • Stability: Several bugs have been fixed that should prevent the random crashes when entering mission triggers

New features

  • Mission rewards: money end several "between missions" free-roaming settings (weather, riotmode, peds/cars enabled, wanted level)
  • Clean Start of storyline: reset money,remove weapons,reset health
  • Mission triggers no longer possible in interiors.
  • Player Stronger in designer mode & no hunger & no drowning
  • New Special objective: Remove Weapons
  • New Special objective: talk on phone
  • new animation: jump forward
  • Actors possible to sit/enter missioncar (e.g. pickup someone with your missioncar)
  • In designmode always only show the selected and 3 closest non-selected checkpoints as sphere.
  • Enabled all wasted/busted respawn points (spawn at nearest hospital/police when wasted/busted)
  • Option to use "enter" to make choices during browsing and in menu's

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