DYOM Version 8 is the most unexpected version ever. DYOM moves out from CLEO3 into CLEO4.


  • New special effects
    • Over 90 new additional effects
    • New Explosions
    • New Fire effects
  • New Cutscene modes
    • Follow Actor
    • 1st Person
    • 3rd Person
  • New Cutscene properties
    • Slow-motion
    • Shaking camera
    • Skip fading
    • Skip widescreen
    • Scroll through previously placed cutscenes
  • New Special objectives
    • Add Money, substract money
  • New Pickup options
    • Respawn after 30 seconds
    • Respawn after 6 minutes
  • Extend existing routes
  • New Animations
  • Objective Objects
  • Import/export of objective texts
  • Player Animation
  • Quick browsing for cars, actors, objects and animation.
  • Increased max amount of rewardmoney in storyline mode


The Announcement

On December 02, 2013, Dutchy3010 has created a thread in GTAForum, making an explanation that earlier they said that Version 7 would have been the last version, but they have moved onto CLEO4 and has more space for adding more coding.

In the very same thread, they showed off the new special particle effects, new explosions - new objects.


One week later after the announcement, on December 09, 2013, Dutchy3010 and PatrickW released the Beta of Version 8. In this beta, there are new special effects, some improvement to cutscenes, bugfixes of major Version 7 bugs.

Beta 2

On December 13, 2013, Beta 2 came out. Some bugs in the first Beta were fixed and more new features that the community requested.

The Release

On January 1, 2014, as a New Year's gift, Dutchy3010 and PatrickW have finally released Version 8. With more bugs fixed.

Version 8.1

On January 22, 2014, they released an update for Version 8. With some minor improvements and bug fixes.

Development History

Bug fixes:

  • Objective texts were not always cleared.
  • Skipping a moving cutscene doesn't end the movement.
  • Crash while using the fire-object.
  • Hide/spawn problems when adding new objectives in the middle.
  • Don't do actor selection for player animations
  • Throwing driver out of car after cutscene with player as passenger.
  • Fix crash, when car or actor used in an "actor" cammode, gets hidden right after the cutscene
  • Improved resposiveness to checkpoints, in complex missions with lots of "must survive" items.

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