Vladimir Johnson
Appearances: EFLV: TLoaLP



EFLV: TFE (mentionned)

Full Name: Vladimir Johnson
Also Known As: Vlad
Gender: Male
Status: Deceased
Nationality: American
Home: Liberty City (Formerly)

Las Venturas

Relatives: Tommy Johnson (Brother) (Alive)
Affiliations: Rob Mason (Formerly)

Tommy Johnson

Roman Williams (Formerly)

Alex Pablo (Formerly)

Farmer Joe


Vladimir "Vlad" Johnson is one of the four Protagonists of LeonCJ most successful mission pack Episode From Las Venturas. Vlad Johnson got a brother and his name is Tommy Johnson. Vlad always blames his brother Tommy for mistakes, example, when Tommy deals with V Rock Hotel leader, Walter Sellemer.

The Life of a Liberty Playa': Edit

He came to San Andreas, Las Venturas, to help his brother Tommy Johnson with the deal between the V Rock Hotel leader, Walter Sellemer and also to be a normal civilian man who wants to relax.

A different Way of Life: Edit

After killing Walter Sellemer, Vlad just got to Fort Carson to live there where he is a central character of the ADWoL Chapter.

The Third Episode: Edit

Vlad now owns a Come-A-Lot  Mafia and a hotel in Las Venturas. Vlad could help Roman and he knows everything about him because of his old partner from Liberty City and that partner now works for Vlad. And the Deblill Brotherhood works for Vlad's mafia.

The Final Era: Edit

Vlad is not shown in The Final Era, but he is always mentionned by his brother Tommy and sometimes by Antonio "Tony" Dipicci.

Death: Edit

On The Third Episode, there are two missions Final Shootdown and Revenge, where you will choose Vlad's fate because he betrayed Roman but in The Final Era, Tommy confirmed that Vlad was killed by Roman for betrayal.

Missions appearance: Edit

TLoaLP: Edit

As the Protagonist, he appears in all missions.

ADWoL: Edit

Secret Kill

FBI Escape (voice)

Caligula's Going Down

TTE: Edit

Business People

Mafia vs Mafia

Farewell, old friend


Final Shootdown ( Fate Choice) If you choose Luca to be alive

Revenge (Fate Choice) If you choose to kill Luca

Murder Commited Edit

  • The Snitch - Shoot to death
  • Reporter - Shoot to death
  • Rafly Azuki - Shoot to death
  • Cesar Alvado - Shoot to death
  • Cornales Diaz - Shoot to death
  • Shawn Williams - In order from Roberto
  • Ben Freddori - In the battle
  • Jack Jordan - Shoot
  • Ricko Bernando - Shoot to death (unseen)
  • Lance Williams - For betraying Vlad and killing Terry Jefferson
  • Walter Sellemer - For turning back on Vlad and Tommy

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