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DYOM Staff
Username: xGhostx
aka: Ghost


Nationality: Vietnam
Allies: LndPro
Forums: Apr 3, 2012
Website: Mar 30, 2012

xGhostx is a DYOM user and designer since Mar 30, 2012. Joined GTAForums at April 3, 2012


xGhostx really love playing GTA: San Andreas, he finished the game 3 times. But he wasn't satisfied, he started to download mission script to keep playing GTA: SA, until April 2012, he found DYOM. So he started to use DYOM and upload his first mission called Modern Warfare 3.

After few days of designing he joined Gtaforums and make a mission pack called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, this mission pack is a disaster, but he was a noob then.

lee_atsugai is the one who helped him when he joined and still now.

Dead RisingEdit

Few weeks later, he started to play a mission pack by IXMJXI called The Walking Dead, that where he got the inspiration to make a zombie theme mission pack called Dead Rising. His designing skill has improved a lot.

Call of Duty: Black OpsEdit

After he finished Dead Rising, he started to design a mission pack called Call of Duty: Black Ops, probably his best mission pack. This mission pack also has a really good review.

Portal 2Edit

After he finished Act I of Call of Duty: Black Ops, he start to design a new mission pack called Portal 2, and has a lot support.

Future ProjectEdit

He has a long list of what to do in the future, but he said that he's going to create a game called Survival Game. It's work a little bit like BUYSAG but the player only have to play, not design. The goal is to survive rounds after rounds, you can buy pick ups, guns, ammo to help you survive. But he must finish Call of Duty: Black Ops and Portal 2 first.

DYOM Contest #6 winnerEdit

On September 24, 2012, xGhostx won 6th DYOM contest, and on October 2, 2012, he won the DYOM Awards 2012 as "Best Overall Member".